As a result of our collaboration with directors and editors collective from Wrocław, we are able to deliver promotional videos and all kinds of 2d and 3d animations to be used on-line, as well as for all other kind of video publications and broadcast.

Sample works:

PIXERS Business – promo reel

ICON EYEWEAR – promo spot

Energa Sail 2013 - promo spot

Twoje Soczewki – reklama TV

Energa Basket Cup – spot promocyjny

Twoje Soczewki – TV chart

MOVE WEEK – film podsumowujący wydarzenie

Renault Twingo – spot

MOVE WEEK – spot promocyjny

TYDZIEŃ RUCHU – spot promocyjny

Muuvit! – film promocyjny

WROCLOVE – spot promocyjny